Ever since breaking ground with their original super-fat powder ski, Fat-ypus Skis has been an industry leader in ski innovation and design. The ski's are hand-made in Colorado from poplar wood, and are among the most reliable on the market.
Jared from Fat-ypus Skis came to me in 2009 and asked for two graphics for that year's line. We worked together to land the graphics for the 09' G-Butter & A-Lotta. Happy with the success of those graphics and the bump to his sales, he asked that I cover the entire line for the next year. In addition to the ski graphics we also worked to produce print ad's for Powder, Freeskier and Backcountry magazines. For the next three years I produced all of the topsheet graphics, from concept to production. Below is a selection of that work.
All skis I designed from 2010 - 2012
Details of skis from the 2012 line
Hand done line-drawing and final art for 09' A-lotta
Ben Wheeler Ad
Ad for the A-Lotta ski
Ad for Telemark Magazine
Ad for E-motion and A-lotta skis
Vanessa Aadland Poster / Ad
Fat-ypus D-Sender Ad
Spread for Freeskier Magazine Photo Annual - Adam Delorme
The Fat-ypus team at the Chile stop on the Freeskiing World Tour
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